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minimoog material on cube, sphere and cylinder meshes

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MiniMoog Material - 100% Substance Designer

Minimoog synthesizer material entirely created in Substance Designer. In the beginning, I wanted to create basic device controllers like knobs, sliders etc. All of a sudden it turned into a "minimoog Model D" 🤔 Probably, it is the most useless material of all time but it was a weekend hobby project and I really enjoyed it!

The Minimoog is one of the most iconic synthesizers ever created. I'm sure you know the organic sound of this synth. Some of the most famous players are david bowie, beatles, beach boys, chemical brothers, daft punk, fatboy slim, michael jackson, baris manco, linkin park, doors, mike oldfield, rick wakeman, hans zimmer, pink floyd, kraftwerk, jean michael jarre, abba, cake ...

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