Marbling Maker v2.0

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Now you can use it

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Marbling material has tons of parameters.

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You can change the color palette, droplet scale, and count, the amount of push force between droplets

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zebra, stone pointy base types, droplet textures, and gradients, post splashes, paper types, and artifacts.

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and 25 presets for inspiring.

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procedurally generated traditional marbling figures ( heart, tiger's eye, devil's eye, tulip, poppy, daisy, flowers 4-8 pedals, bird, oratots, butterflies )

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height control gives dimension to your designs

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surface metalness... And now, we can push the boundaries of the traditional marbling art bit

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and traditional technicques: stoned background & french curls

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comb techniques and additional needle movements

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How to Use Mysterious Marbling Maker Material?

Special thanks to Marbling Master Baykul Baris Yilmaz for allowing me to use his great marbling shots

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node graph of the material

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marbling maker in action! I am happy to introduce you to the designers and architects who have used marbling maker in their projects 😌

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Büşra Öner, Dersu Değer, Architect ( architectural application & Russian house interior)

Mert Ozan Katipoglu, Architect ( motion graphics )

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Merve Nur Sökmen, Industrial Designer (creative pen, sony superslim camera, and nike vapormax )

Marbling Maker v2.0

Marbling maker is a substance material imitating and pushing the boundaries of traditional marbling art. It gives endless opportunity to create unique materials with mysterious flow patterns. You can use it with substance painter, substance player, cinema 4D, unity3D, unreal, 3D Max, Marmoset Toolbag etc..

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