Blood Cells Material - 100% Substance Designer

Blood Cells Material - 100% Substance Designer
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inside the vein, actually cylinder with reverse normals

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Emrecan cubukcu screenshot020

Blood cells Material on a plane

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Emrecan cubukcu screenshot045

Electron Microscope effect

Emrecan cubukcu screenshot041

the illustrative style, in the middle of the Electron Microscope view and realism

Emrecan cubukcu screenshot 2019 02 16 09 59 59

graph view and the colored Electron Microscopy Preset

Blood Cells Material - 100% Substance Designer

The Blood Cells material is a procedural material that made in entirely Substance designer. I wanted to experiment microworlds, and I couldn't resist imitating electron microscopy view.

You can turn off/on Red blood cells (erythrocytes) White blood cells (leukocytes) and viruses; change emissivity, hue, luminosity, saturation values, and electron microscopy effect!
BTW, not scientifically correct, do not use for educational purposes 🤓

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